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Hello, World!

Hello, World!


There is a great addition here, at home. Oliver Raymond has been lighting up our lives with smiles and snuggles.  The Summer visit from our Texas Suoerstars – Nate & Riley, made a wonderful cousin vacation. Other family members and good friends have been enchanted by this little guy as well.

Like any good grandparents – we want to show you the pictures…..


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Great Day


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MARCH 15,2014

airport surprise


images         Orlando is famous for it’s  magic  tho for us that has always meant Family!  Ray’s dad  moved his family south in 1980 and they’ve been here to welcome us for Spring Breaks and Holidays ever since.

Dan and Linda have the “fun house” – with boating and tubing and pool and…Cousins! We had a great old fashioned Italian family dinner at Ray’s dad’s,  the homestead. Kevin brought his family from the Tampa area. Charisma, John and Ben stopped by as well. 

 Brady & Tracey brought their kids this year for a Disney / Family adventure – we have all been having a wonderful time.

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Bahama Dream

IMG_9456If you’re going to have a dream -it may as well be of paradise. We spent a gorgeous week visiting DiDi and Barry in the tropical clime of Freeport.  They gave us “Figment” to stay on and we so enjoyed the resort/marina life. DiDi took us to beautiful beaches, out of the way little restaurants, and to some of the interesting sights on Grand Bahama. We had a serene day sailing on the ocean and another snorkeling among the fishies off Coral Beach. There was a Pirate Gathering, a Mardi Gras celebration, a Junkanoo Parade on the beach, an Oscar Party and fun activities every day.

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Greg’s Grove

IMG_9091Greg and Karen have been transforming an overgrown plot of land in South Florida to a serene and beautiful home. This pair of artists embrace the lush landscape and augment it with natural structures and interesting creations of their own. The house and pool were once nothing special but keep evolving as a airy gallery and comfortable outdoor living area. We so look forward to seeing the changes from year to year – always  something new.

Of course the best part is being with them. They took us kayaking thru the mangroves to a gorgeous beach, to see the Elvis for a fun night and then to a fabulous concert with the incredible Tommy Emmanuel. Busy Naples offers all kinds of shopping, activities and events. Every evening our return to “the Grove” gave us a perfect retreat.

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Friends in Low (way down south) Places

Swinging thru Southern Florida we get to visit some great places and very cool people. We were lucky to catch up with the Reeses, their family and spent some fun time with Cathy & Gordon Stevens on their new boat. What a lifestyle! Their catamaran has a spacious cabin and galley, comfortable sleeping berths and beautiful wide decks, upper and lower docked at a quiet marina within walking distance to stores and (very important) Cathy’s tennis club.

We also had some fun with Ray’s brother, Doug, and family as we passed thru Miami. Those kids sorta like their Uncle Ray!

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Scenes from Key West

IMG_5819Since we’re all having the coldest winter ever – it seems that many people who might have gone to Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head said “Forget that!” and headed to the Keys. We’ve never seen it so packed… or pricey!  Our favorite hotel was charging $$$550/night and our favorite B&B wanted $$500 so  – we developed new favorites!  – found an old style clean and quiet motel just two blocks from our  little beach bar with the beautiful sunset. We enjoyed the funky music and characters, as usual.  All our time is spent out of doors – soaking up the sun and the Key West vibe.

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