learning to blog

OK well, I’ll just keep at it


2 thoughts on “learning to blog

  1. Hi Garda,

    Looks beautiful!! Glad you’re having fun. It was a beautiful weekend here in Youngstown. Celebrated Diane’s birthday on Friday night at San Marco’s then came back to my house for champagne presents and Shirley’s delicious lemon cake! Wish you were with us. Saturday was Cock of the Walk, starting the day with Bloody Marys at Paul & Kim Cannon’s, then out on Fred Stephens beautiful boat…great fun getting soaked. FABULOUS wind which made the sail exciting. Then Ben’s friends came over on Saturday night, sleeping over, big breakfast on Sunday am and then dinner party with the girls and their parents on Sunday night. Lots of fun.

    I’ll keep watching your blog and travel vicariously with you! You’re a lucky girl!

  2. Outstanding log…… Really enjoying the reading…. The picture are awesome as well….. This is the updated version on my nana’s leaf trip journal! Have been showing the picture to rooster and ante…. Keep em coming! We love you.

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