NOVA SCOTIA (page 1)

We ferried off Prince Edward Island keeping a watch for whales. I did see the fishing fleet which we heard is done with lobster – now after herring. On shore we drove up the beautiful coastline of Cape Breton, found a single malt Scotch distillery, and more seafood! It’s all about New Scotland here the roadsigns are in Gaelic!   -Then through the valley and down to Baddeck. Alexander Graham Bell made his home there and worked on more inventions after the telephone had was widespread. His group flew the fisrt  airplane in the British Empire and he built a giant hydroplane here.

We’ll be back to Nova Scotia after we leave Newfoundland. We’ve seen a couple mixed breed Newfoundlands and thought of  Buster.


6 thoughts on “NOVA SCOTIA (page 1)

  1. Am loving seeing all your pictures. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time, and it does look beautiful there. the blog is a great idea!! XXX

  2. Hi Garda and Ray, Thanks for doing blog – love following your trips. Thanks also for the fabulous purple pearls, love them, love you, Dale

  3. great photos, thank you. We spent Sunday out on STAR Island between NH and Maine- great to be on a boat and enjoy similar scenery, we thought of you.

  4. Ray & Garda:

    Auwsum photos, Joyce wants to sign up for the next trip.

    Hope you bring some spirits home to share with friends?

    When will you see Sara?



  5. Hi I left a comment but I do not see it now.

    Auwsom trip Joyce is ready to sign up for the next trip.

    I hope your going to bring some sprits home to share with friends.

    Frankie & Joyce

  6. Very cool! Adding that to my bucket list! Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of the trip!

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