“Down East”

When we were 10 Sarah Noyes and I explored the escarpment and walked all around “old Lewiston”. Over the years we’ve stayed in touch and she is here in Newfoundland. She and her husband, George Rose, have a beautiful home where we have been welcomed in grand style.

They took us up Signal Hill, where Marconi received the first wireless message. He’d appreciate the cool video text we got from Timmy last night!  And we were excited at our first Rugby game  where “The Rock”, Newfandland’s team won the championship! Yikes that game is rough!

The Narrows - St. John's harbor is safe refuge from the North Atlantic

They have a gorgeous museum/gallery that pays tribute to the Irish immigrants who came to fish and settled the island. Housed in a glass structure, high on a hill, “The Rooms’ offers wonderful views of the area.


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