border crossing

Sunset on the Scallop Fleet at Digby

We travelled north in Nova Scotia to catch our last ferry ride in Digby. Across the Bay of Fundy to St. John, New Brunswick then along that coast to the beautiful U S of A !!!

one foot only!!! brrr


One thought on “border crossing

  1. I finally got a decent connect and was able to go all the way through your Blog as far as it went. Looks like a lovely trip. I heard about the 1.\/2 turkey for the 1/2 Canadian… Thanks for all that.

    All’s going well here — busy.. I just got my schedule == I’ll get home for one day in mid November by retunring here from China via Boston…what the hell.l This will apy for the septic sysgtem… sometimes you gotta work to assure good shit.

    Hope you are glad to be home…. What is next? Will Ray be around to sky this year?

    Welcome home.


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