SnowBirds 2011

Sunny, snowy countryside and clear dry roads make the drive a pleasure.

This trek will have some contrasts! We’re leaving a very snowy north for an eventual destination the furthest south we’ve ever been… Mexico!!  We plan many encounters with old friends and relatives -on our first day out – after a stop into the Glass Museum at Corning…a lovely dinner of comfort food by the fireplace at Glenna and James’ cozy home near Binghamton. They recommended an interesting hotel in Scranton – the Lackawanna Terminal. This converted train station had the glory of the old train era converted to a lovely hotel.


James and Glenna at home

In Scranton - the Terminal Hotel

the mosaic frieze showed rail stops - here, Niagara Falls


Train Station

On Friday we stopped at the Martin Guitar Factory in Nazareth PA for a wonderful tour


in Nazareth, PA we toured Martin Guitars

Ray played the Johnny Cash model in the pickin' room.

then on to Baltimore for a great visit with our nephew, Jeff Hoelter, Jillian and Judah, Great Uncle Ray was a big hit with Judah!

Jeff, Judah & Jillian at home in Catonsville, MD

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We’ve arrived at Gordon and Kim’s and are planning Super Bowl menus for tomorrow.


One thought on “SnowBirds 2011

  1. Keep up the good work : ). We’re heading to Y’twn via Baltimore. Now in sc, passing s of the border. May stop to see Pedro. Take care. Drive safe. P

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