Southern Charm


Columbia is both modern and classical Capitol Building

We walked all around the downtown of Columbia, capitol of South Carolina. They’ve succeeded in wrapping new businesses and hotels in the lovely style that is so “Old South”. I just loved that Main Street stopped dead at the Capitol Building. .. like – you’re here!  Later, we had a delish lunch at The Cotton Grill – a restaurant and art complex in what was once a Cotton Mill in nearby Lexington.

Sunset at Congaree

Travelling South I couldn’t pass by South Carolina’s only National Park – Congaree.  We wandered several miles almost alone through an old growth lowland forrest. The pictures give a taste of the wonder.

2-12-11 Approaching the coast the scent of the salt air made us smile. We’d decided on a whim to go back to Charleston – a favorite stopping place when traveling with the kids to Florida at Eastertime. Carolina’s “Low Country” is a treasure! We found a good band at a little bar on Broad Street and I enjoyed pretending to recognize characters from all the Pat Conroy novels.

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From there we flew along the interstate into Georgia and went to the beach at Edisto. Many years ago we stumbled upon Edisto and Jekyll Island. Now we’ve rekindled our love for these special places.


Jekyll Island GA

Today we walked the beach in the sun. Later as Ray did some work I stayed on the beach in the softest, warmest air.  We’ll stay here a few days. It is so peaceful.


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