Our Friends and Family  encounters continue on the western coast of Florida

– the “Sun Coasters” .

In St. Petersburg we met with brother Gary and Ann, Brian and Tina Deters at the amazing new Salvatore Dali museum. They’ve “combined elements of the classical and the fantastical – much like the works of Dali” (and a perfect setting for this group!)

We called on O.C. & Sandy Allen in Reddington Beach, near Clearwater and enjoyed exploring the environs of their snow bird quarters.

pretty waterway in front of the Allen's pool

Sandy & OC took us to the sunset each night


Next – we’ve come to Naples, to brother Greg & Karen’s.  The Naples Art Center held some treasures as did the chi-chi shops along 5th Avenue. Karen and I visited the beach, the shops on Marco Island, and Greg outdid himself with beautiful meals. I started referring to the place as my favorite “all-inclusive resort” and as ever – it’s wonderful to see what these artists do at home. They are masters of both comfort and beauty and their place couldn’t be more peaceful.

We met Pat & Shirley Whelan for a Sun Coast sunset – now Eastbound >> next stop: Miami!


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One thought on “SunCoasters

  1. We were at the “old” Salvador Dali museum in December. We could only get pictures of the new one from the outside and we gazed in to see the double helix staircase. I am looking forward to seeing it from the inside. I understand the new museum can house a lot more pieces, enabling them to take many out of storage. Glad you got there!

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