Bahamas – Grand!

Bahamas - every shade of blue!

Our great friend DiDi Litt invited us to visit her in Freeport and to go sailing on her friend Barry Thorpe’s big sailboat. We stayed at her condo, went to the “Square”, enjoyed  the beautiful Bahamian beaches.  Our shakedown cruise on “Figment”, was perfect until… I had a mis-step while docking and injured my foot. We cancelled our sail to the Abacos but still had a wonderful time exploring Grand Bahama island.  Thanks, DiDi & Barry!

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broken bone, deep cut on "the little piggy who had none" Good place for rehabilitation!


2 thoughts on “Bahamas – Grand!

  1. WOW ! Great pictures ! Thanks for all you do to bring us with you on your super voyages.

  2. Love this adventure of yours. almost feel like I’m there. Almost:)
    hope your foot is much better.

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