-back in the US of A

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pretty sunset at Pass A Grill, Florida

We landed back in Florida and swung over to the Gulf Coast again.


Pat & Shirley Whelan took us to their pool and the sunset. It was a peaceful couple of days and we needed the down time. We’ve developed a little  American Idol tradition with them.  Great fun

Greg and Karen had us for another delicious dinner. It’s good to catch up with the family and compare note on the grandkids. Their place is always so interesting – lots going on with two artists

In Sarasota, we enjoyed cool music on a warm night. Visiting Tina and Brian is always something special, Morning cappacino & extraordinary oatmeal to the champagne on the balcony at sunset. They also showed us a cool boat they’re recommending for a cruise along the coast (Th&at adventure is slated for the future)

We stopped by in Treasure Island to check on the progress of Sandy and OC.  A rainy day was surprising but perfect for shopping.

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Tonight, April 6th, we are in Tampa.  leaving for Mexico in the morning….  Hasta la vista, baby!


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