Puerta Vallarta

We are sooo lucky to have visited this lovely part of Mexico. Once a fishing village, later a movie location for “Night of the Iguana’ where the papparazzi  followed Liz Taylor who was following Richard Buron–later still the jungles here became “home’ to Predator 1 & 2 . They mostly rely on tourism and there is a contrast between the gorgeous hotels on the beach and the crumbling cobbled streets of “El Centro”. The people rely on tourism and seem truly grateful for the many Americans and Canadians beleaguered by the cold who  come and spend freely.

Judy Willard and her Bob were perfect companions for our mexican adventures.   We stayed at the lovely Plaza Pelicanos on the beach – enjoyed perfect weather , great seafood, interesting buffets that included NO burritos, tacos, or enchiladas but plenty of margarittas!  We took two tours; “The Rhythym of the Night” was a tribute to the Aztec heritage. Set on a candlelit beach we dined along the sea and watched an incredible show – part Lion King- part Martha Graham in a jungle theatre lit by torches. Wonderful!

One day we went on the “Jungle Tour” to an area in the mountains, had a great time at the tequilla plantation and waded in a river setting reminiscent of “Big Rocks” in the Adirondacks – (except the water was WARM!)

We rode the bus! Hey No problems here!  – went into the town for shopping and dinner, walked all around, watched a local baseball club play a couple innings and enjoyed the various history lessons we were offered along the way.

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Mexican Legend

Mexico loves the Mountains but the mountains are alive with volcanos. While she sleeps he is safe but he longs foe her to awaken and love him in return.


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  1. Cool! Glad you went. I thought u changed mind.

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