going back home

Storms approaching

We had an adventure and a half coming home from our long winter’s journey.  We heard about the wild weather that was travelling across the South with and saw the Mississippi waters rising oiutside out hotel in Vicksburg.

Just on a whim we decided not to go across Alabama but up the Big River Road instead.  We spent a night listening to music on Beale St in Memphis and learned the next day of the tornadoes that cut across the area.  Our guardian angels are watching over us and tho we saw some crazy storms our route was a safe one.

In Kentucky we toured Churchill Downs and had a lovely lunch with a delicious mint julep!

Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York showed us spring green grass and blossoming trees along the roadsides.

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Now we’re home – still unpacking – and Ray just drove in the driveway with … the boat !- out of winter storage.   I guess we’ll get the guest suite spruced up. Let us know when you’d like to visit. Hope to see you here.  Thanks for traveling with us.   :- )

at home finishing up the blog Bye Bye!


One thought on “going back home

  1. Great to know you’re home safe…..Thanks for the pictures and comments!

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