Fantastical Food

Cathy’s counterpart is just as nice.

Kim’s mom, Pam, treated us to an elegant brunch.

Colins favorite Pho shop

in Can Tho

Ray enjoys the baguette with eggs

Gold leaf and strawberries on chocolate – !

We’ve eaten “street food” ( giant bowls of noodle soup for 25 cents),shrimp on a sugar cane stick, rainbow colored sweet sticky rice and scrambled egg sandwiches with cucumber on a french baguette. We’ve had”country style” fish, passion fruit screwdrivers and buffets that could feed Ralph Wilson stadium in style. Gary taught me to take pictures of interesting foods tho I have to admit to passing on some of the stuff offered at buffets.  No chocolate bugs or sautéed snake – thank you anyway.


2 thoughts on “Fantastical Food

  1. Yum! Everything looks good to me, but I wouldn’t be having the bugs or snake either Garda. Looks like you’re enjoying your trip & so good to see Colin. Miss you guys, love the blog and always look forward to the pics.

  2. Very wonderful pictures! I’m so glad you had this opportunity to trek this part of the world and visit Colon! I love you…Thanks for sharing the adventure, Kev

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