Full Moon Festival – Bangkok


Lanterns floating up from the city surround the full moon in Bangkok on Loy Krathong.


One thought on “Full Moon Festival – Bangkok

  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trek with us. I really appreciate the shots of Bangkok,
    a fabulously chaotic city I once called home and still sometimes miss today. Never made it to Saigon, The times, they were atroublin’ back then in Saigon, I mean Ho Chi Minh City.. So glad to see your photos and read of your experiences in Vietnam, and for being able to see Colin there!

    Don’t know how long you’ll be in Bangkok, but if you get a chance, visit the entire grounds of Wat Bavornives Temple in the heart of the crazed city. Its a very peaceful spot where there is a university for monks. There’s also a high school for boys where I taught Engliish some 40 years ago! I revisited there about 8 years ago, and the tree lined grounds of the temple were still very peaceful. The huge double Buddhas of the temple are also impressive. Oddly, its not touristy, just beautiful.

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