out of order

my posts are not really in order but I guess it doesnt matter . Im just glad to be back functioning here again.  Tonight is Thursday, the 6th – probably morning where you are.

Just to put the trip aright…

We went to Saigon – then

Mekong Delta




Nha Trang

Hoi An

drove thru Hai Van Pass today and into Hue tonight.


3 thoughts on “out of order

  1. All of your photos are just wonderful – no matter in what order their viewed. Thanks so much for sending them out.

  2. oops, they’re (not their)

  3. Given the photos I imagine your eyes and memories must be well over 20 Gigabytes of wonderful sights and stories by now,,,, look forward to the full download after Christmas. Glad you spent time with that big white guy and the little sleeping one in NhaTrang… you know that beach is where I met our cousin for the first time (she was a nurse). In Hanoi, if you stop by the National Vietnam Institute of Nutrition say hello to my colleagues there and don;t forget the military museum that tells about an integral part of the culture for the past 800 years… En
    joy .. GG.

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