Hue Imperial City

"Women's Gate" to Imperial City  - Hue

“Women’s Gate” to Imperial City – Hue

IMG_2973Hue, along the central coast of Vietnam. became the Imperial City when the country seperated from Chinese rule and unified the feudal regions. The Palace and Forbidden City are surrounded by 3 concentric walls. Access was gained thru specialized gates – one for mandarines, one for soldiers, one for only royalty. Common people were allowed access to the outer ring for trade. The Women’s Gate (above) gave access to court wives or other high ranking women for special occasions. It was also a one-way door for hundreds of young girls offered as concubines to the king.  These guys built themselves tombs outside the city with parklike grounds all very Feng shue where the royal family and court would go to the countryside.

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Royal Ray

Royal Ray


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