Untitled-1Once the glamorous Union Station was the center of luxury train travel with hundreds of trains coming through every day. Airplanes, great roadways and a fire changed that and the elegant building was almost completely lost. However, like the gorgeous Musee D’Orsay in Paris and many other smaller train stations (Scranton is beautiful!) – the Cincinnati terminal has been resurrected into a fabulous museum center. We went to see an exhibit on the Dead Sea Scrolls. We learned much of the history and saw parts of the scrolls themselves with translations. Scientists and scholars are trying to find commonalities in the historical artifacts and historical documents related to the Torah,the Bible and the Koran. Very interesting. We also went up the control tower and enjoyed the experience of Union Terminal as well.

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rotunda ceiling

rotunda ceiling

One thought on “Cinci

  1. Big DAD O'Keefe

    Thanks so much for bringing me along on this year’s adventure!……..Dad

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