Road Signs


Paducah Kentucky – the Kentucky river joins the Ohio river making it a good site for commerce when river travel was primary. Its a city that has restored and upgraded the historic river district with pretty shops, nice restaurants and murals on the huge concrete walls that keep the Ohio river out of the streets, .

Following the Ohio – we went to Fort Defiance – a site where the mighty Ohio flows into the smaller Mississippi converting it into the big Mama of American waterways. Just a point on a peninsula where three states snd two rivers converge.

Along the road we sometimes notice signs like this in Central City home of Don & Phil

Later a long (24 mile) drive thru desolate farmlands led us to an ominous sign. Fortunately there was another sign on a post :”push button to alert ferry”

We drove into Memphis and had fun – always good music on Beale Street.


Next- Hot Springs & the spas



One thought on “Road Signs

  1. Big DAD O'Keefe

    Look closely. Your lights are on.

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