coming home

OKeefe home Windemere, Florida

OKeefe home Windemere, Florida

The Family gathered in Orlando. Dan and Linda hosted at their gorgeous new home in Windemere and we enjoyed seeing a large part of the clan. Boating, tubing, pool time and, of course, wonderful food.

The GPS on the iphone helped us circumnavigate several traffic clogs on the trip  north. Traveling the “blue highways” for at least part of the way took us thru beautiful spring blossoming woods. We stopped for a respite on the Savannah waterfront. Arriving home, we’ve seen plenty of April showers (puddles on the lawn) and early bulbs in the gardens.  It’s great to be in our own place.  We’ll enjoy seeing old friends and the bustle of summer in Youngstown.

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upcoming…..I booked a trip to the Emerald Isle in the fall. !

Ashford Castle, October 2013

Ashford Castle, October 2013


One thought on “coming home

  1. Roberta Torrey

    What an incredible home!! I want to live there:) We so much enjoyed you guys sharing your adventures with us & lived vicariously through you. Also happy you’re back in Youngstown & look forward to getting together soon…….if this rain ever stops & our awning gets put up, steaks on the grill for all of us!

    Welcome back my friends, Bobbie & Dave

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