East Coast Spring visits

IMG_4856We took 10 days to visit some wonderful  easterly friends and relatives. A stop overnight in Lancaster County gave us a look at Amish Country” AND we were so delighted with the city of Lancaster, PA. It is dubbed the oldest inland city in the US. We went to the old Central Market downtown and loved the vibrant feel of the whole downtown area. Lancaster has beautiful tree lined streets, an old Main St that still has busy stores, lots of businesses and people everywhere.

We drove out of town to see the rather grand Amish farms with no electric lines and plenty of tourism commerce thriving there too.

Next stop, Baltimore… visits with Herb & Martha, Jeff, Jillian and the kids. We are so fortunate to have such a warm and loving family!

Further evidenced by Gordon & Kim who hosted us in Burke – highlighted by a dinner with Courtney and an interesting day in Alexandria.

A quick lunch in Annapolis then a drive by the boatyard … spotted part of the YYC setting up sails for a race that weekend.

On to Rehobeth Beach to see Fran and explore the beautiful Deleware beaches. Miles of sand and dunes were surreal n the state parks.

Another ferry ride from Lewes to Cape May started out trip in a northerly direction. A new route along the southern shore of New Jersey was very interesting -alternately from one end to the other… luxurious shingled mansions, kitchy motels, boardwalk carnivals. pretty little towns and everywhere – those wide beautiful beaches.

Last stop – Clifton Park. Kirk is doing great with a bionic hip, Dale made us wonderful meals and welcomed us warmly, as always. We had a ball at the  “You Can Tri-atholon” featuring Ashley & Matt who did so well.  Cara brought Oden and Jenny coordinated all the volunteers for a wonderful sunny event held in honor of Chris.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now we are home. Ray’s waxing the boat. Im doing some gardening. We will stay put for a while .


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