The “New” towns

Rosecliff where Gatsby was filmed

Rosecliff where Gatsby was filmed

New Bedford, Newport, New London, New Haven – With a few in between – we visited these distinctively different “New” towns.

New Bedford _ home of whaling and still a city built around fishing. In this hard working town we enjoyed the cobbled historic district near the whaling museum and later found the perfect bar to watch the opening game of the World Series. In Fair Haven, across Buzzards Bay we saw ship builders, marine repair, more fishing piers and other nautical businesses supporting the waterfront.

Newport, Rhode Island has the summer homes of the rich and famous from the gilded age – like Downton Abbey with extra sauce. Most of them have been turned into historic sites for visiting and dreaming abut that fairy tale life BUT there are PLENTY very rich tho possibly not famous people-still there in magnificent mansions on the ocean. They are still building new ones. The historic, cultural district and city seem to  thrive even in the off season.

We’ve seen a number of gorgeous campuses –  idyllic looking New England college or prep school – set in the autumn scenery. Really pretty!

Driving thru – we had to stop and explore Falls River for a while. Mile long factories line the waterfront and the railroad. Many empty mills and plants but some are holding on.

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Our Liv

Our Liv

On to New London for pizza with Livia – enjoying her new life as a young career woman.

One more day of “leaf peeping”.  Connecticut’s rolling hills are covered in gold and red with old homes meticulously cared for and quiant towns all along our side trip to visit a friend in Dansbury.

Lastly we came into NY – First a stop at Ray’s childhood home in White Plains where Mrs. Calhoun let him relive some great times and even explore his “clubhouse” in the attic – still marked with “KEEP OUT!!”    Getting late and we found a small hotel in Broklyn then wandered into…. an Irish pub. The brogue was strong and the beer was flowing. We got some last minute travel advice along with the dinner.

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Tonight we fly  – so more from Ireland….


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