Ireland 1

Perfect flight

We had a perfect flight

    –  arrived in Dublin early… Big tailwind AND they changed the clocks =  4:30 am   Now what??

By the time we got the car and found the hotel it was still only 6 am  However those wonderful Irish gave us our hotel room right away (no extra charge for what was 2 nights to us). :- ))

We walked all over Dubin – went to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells and the “long room” in the old library ( of Harry Potter movie fame), then we toured the John Jameson old distillery where we learned the history of the famous brew and I got to be an evaluator – comparing Scotch whiskey, Jack Daniels and the “J”.  After a great dinner we went to the Stags Head Pub and Temple Bar where we so enjoyed all the young people out for Halloween weekend.

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Day 2  Our plan was paused by the 40,000 people running the Dublin marathon. We loved seeing them and had fun winding around their route on our way out to town. First to Wicklow – a very pretty coastal town. Next – to Wexford where tiny streets were filled with some festival goers – all out with the families.  On to Waterford, Irelands oldest city.    We got a little lost so probably saw more than we expected.

The sights today:   *quaint * ancient * bustling * verdant * serene * all of the above and all such a pleasure to encounter. Tonight is our first B&B night. Im sitting is a cozy living room – bedrooms down the hall – beautiful views of the water and Barry Fitzgeralds great grand nephew just stopped in to turn off the lights ;- )

Oh and we saw lots of surfers today  – who knew??


3 thoughts on “Ireland 1

  1. So happy you had a great flight & looks like such fun exploring Ireland……thanks for sharing!


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  2. Hi Ray and Garda, Love your photos so far -they bring back my recent experience there. I loved the tree tunnels too. I took so many pictures of them. Enjoy!

  3. Great pictures Mom and Dad!!! Glad you are having such a great time!!!

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